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Green Christianity, Care of the World, and Advent

See also the Christmas page

Some links to useful references on Advent

Operation Noah Relclaim Christmas Campaign 2008

Thoughts about chocolate advent calendars

Resources for Advent 2007- Wells-for-India pdf file: Family life in Rajasthan

Set of four useful studies for children and adults
God’s Son was born into a family living in a rural village in an occupied country. Jesus grew up surrounded by poverty, injustice and hardship. His first hand experiences influenced his message and his ministry. The four Advent themes are: 1. Men faced with migration - Psalm 122 v. 1, 8 and 9 2. The role of mothers - Psalm 72 v. 6 and 7 3. Embracing the vulnerable - Psalm 146 v. 8 and 9 4. Light for the future - Psalm 80 v. 5,6 and 8


Includes readings, reflections, prayers, activities including childrens activites

Advent and ecology: resources for worship, reflection and action . WWF (1988)

Resources for worship, reflection and action: drawn from the BBC Radio 4 series of Sunday morning services. Includes Advent creation liturgy, Advent Eucharistic liturgy, Advent sermons and more.

Meanwhile here is a positive Christian site:

See also the Christmas page

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