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The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals Service 2002

Laura Deacon writes:

"On Saturday 5th October I attended the ASWA service at Liverpool Cathedral. It was a very beautiful and dignified service, all done in praise and for the welfare of domestic and wild animals. Many organisations campaigning for the welfare of animals were present.

The Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, gave the address. He referred to the poem 'God's Grandeur' by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Whereas GMH says that 'nature is never spent' despite generations of exploitation, James Jones said that our continued exploitation has taken from the Earth more than she can provide. In other words, nature is spent. For GMH the 'Holy Ghost over the bent/World broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings' is an image of God's care and love for Creation.

'Now,' said James Jones, 'The Holy Ghost is deeply grieved by our continued maltreatment of both the Earth and her creatures.' "

CEL is pleased that Rt Rev James Jones has just become CEL's newest patron

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