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If you are a Baptist and a member of CEL and would like to be in contact with other Baptist members of CEL please contact

In March 2002 we sent round a copy of the Baptist Union Vision Statement on the environment.

A letter from from Graham Sparkes at BUGB included the following

    "Publicity for our Vision for the Environment - Special material will be prepared to help increase awareness within our churches, both of the statement itself and how they might translate it into action. This material will include details of such organisations as CEL. ...

    Networking - Drawing together Baptist congregations involved in environmental concerns (and particularly Eco-Congregation) in order to facilitate and encourage their work".

The CEL Baptist Newsletter commented
    " We were very glad to see the Vision Statement. Further we were encouraged by the content of Graham Sparkes' reply. The Vision Statement has appeared (in part) in the Baptist Times and the new BU periodical Transform ( replacing Informission) has a paragraph about it.

    Recently we asked Graham Sparkes about environmental activity at the new regional level. His reply was that regions 'do not have people with designated responsibility for environmental issues'. He added that 'this may emerge sometime in the future.

    It is understandable that it takes time to get a new structure going but it is to be hoped that someone in the regions is concerned about such matters. If any readers can enlighten us we should be glad to hear of it particularly in connection with Local Agenda 21"
Baptist Union responsibilities

The environment responsibilities in the Union leadership are allotted as follows :

Mission Adviser: Graham Sparkes (a staff member at Didcot)
Specialist Networkers:
Dr John Biggs (Environment; Baptist representative on the CTBI Environmental Issues Network) Prof Graham Ashworth (Sustainable Development) (Both are former BU Presidents)

Below are listed some Baptist Churches where action has been taken to care for God's Creation. (Do email us if you know of web links to other churches where there is activity to look after the environment)

Wakefield Baptist Churchhas been taking part in Eco-Congregation.

These gained the Christian Ecology Link Millennium Certificate
South Norwood Baptist Church
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Chipping Sodbury Baptist Church
Recently Chipping Sodbury held a LOAF meal
This included: Elderfower Cordial from Stroud, Applejuice from Gloucester Farmers Market, Somerset Cheese, Beetroot Celery and Carrots organically grown in Old Sodbury Garden, Wiltshire Ham from an RSPCA approved farm with field grown pigs...

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