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Bethesda - Second EcoAward.

Sunday 20 January 2008 Bethesda Methodist Church, Great Norwood Street Cheltenham

Martin Horwood MP presents EcoCongregation AwardLocal MP Martin Horwood attends special service to present Second National Eco-Award*

Special guest speaker Local MP Martin Horwood attended Bethesda Methodist Church on 20 January 2008 to present them with their second national environmental award.

The church is just one of only 10 in England to have been recognised in this way.

Martin reminded the congregation that concern over the state of the planet in general and climate change in particular is no longer confined to strange "green" individuals with beards and sandals! He emphasised that we should all be taking sustainable development seriously and whilst he felt the church in general has been a little slow in recognising the need for urgent action, he was delighted to find a church in his own constituency so involved in actually doing something to address environmental issues.

He congratulated the young people for lobbying politicians and developing the "green" garden at the back of the church. At the end of his address he presented Minister Rev Mark Barrett with an engraved plaque. Following the service Martin talked to some of the young people who have been involved in eco-action and then spoke to volunteers running the Traidgreen stall which is open every week following the service and has so far sold more than 14,000 worth of fairtrade goods. See also..

Link to presentation of first EcoAward

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