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Cut the Carbon March - Birmingham

CEL member Duncan Miller writes on 27 Aug:

see also articles about Leeds on 11 Aug and Huddersfield on 14 Aug

Bank holiday Monday brought the crowds out in Birmingham to join the Carbon March.

Todays march started just outside the City Centre and before the start the core marchers were startled by the number of journalists who wanted to film and interview them. This culminated later in the day with good coverage on both radio and TV local news.

Christian Aid were partnered by Islamic Relief ( based here in Birmingham) so it was pleasing to see banners held jointly by Christians and Muslims both supporting the same cause.

The March proceeded down one of Birmingham's main arterial routes before turning off to a rally outside Millennium Point one of our large open spaces. The core Marchers were applauded onto the open air stage which later hosted people and groups supporting "Cut the Carbon".

Mohammed, a Muslim from north east Kenya, graphically described the climate problems encountered by the Christian Aid partnered organization that he runs. Unpredictable shortages of water during some periods followed by flooding has meant that 70% of their livestock has died. 80% of the people are on food aid which is most demening for a proud and ancient people.

The rally was supported by not only Christian Aid and Islamic Relief but others in the "Stop the Climate Change" coalition. Was it chance that put the Islamic Relief stall alongside the Jewish Group for Social Justice in the same tent?

On Wednesday the Marchers set off again heading for Halesowen, Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Malvern and Ledbury to arrive in Hereford next Sunday (September 2nd). It is understood that the Hereford CEL group is hosting and welcoming the party to that City.

Visit the Christian Aid Cut the Carbon March site

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