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Camp for Climate Action - Heathrow - Aug 2007

camp for climate action 2007 Heathrow

View of the camp from the trampoline
(Zoom in for larger picture)

(Click here for an account of the weekend protest 18-19 Aug which followed the article below)

Fri 17 Aug.

Mother of three and member of CEL Steering Committee Ruth Jarman attended the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow Airport yesterday morning. (16 Aug) with her three children and will be going again on Saturday and Sunday.

When she mentioned this on CEL's email discussion group forum it drew one response - "God go with you!"

Here are some of her comments:

It was so well organised: -in a communal way - there is no heirarchy.

I was welcomed as I went in. There is a lovely atmosphere. It is well set up for kids - There is a kids tent with a clown and a trampoline.

The place is organised into camping areas each which feeds itself. There are lots of tents -

There are lots of signs in the area outside the camp saying "No Third Runway" showing that there is local opposition to the runway - presumably the farmer who let the camp use the land is against the runway.

You can hear planes taking off all the time.

When you go in you get a little brochure with details on how to cope with CS gas (bring a squeegy bottle with water) and what to bring.

There are lots of policemen who seemed quite friendly. Helen asked whether they were goodies or baddies! Luckily they weren't looking when my 2 year old was "shooting" at the planes with his stick.

There is lots of educational stuff and workshops about climate change.

On Sunday there is to be an interfaith gathering so I shall go to that.

There were lots of press who interviewed me -perhaps because I look ordinary-(and with three young children)- Radio 4 and the Daily Telegraph

I met George Marshall and Phil Thornhill.

The weather was colder than I expected - on Saturday, when I come without the children, I will bring lots of extra warm clothes.



Editor - I checked the Daily Telegraph online - The article- "Why I'm sticking it out at Camp Heathrow" gave a good summary of the place and views and the vital importance of changing our lifestyle to prevent/reduce climate change - but did not mention Ruth specifically.

(Click here for an account of the weekend protest 18-19 Aug which followed the article above)


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