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Carshalton Environmental Fair

George Dow writes:

Hi, Had a great day at the fair yesterday – no rain – and I’m sure the usual 10,000 or so attended. We had lots of enquiries at the stall – and gave out many leaflets and answered many questions, the most common one being “What’s Christian Ecology Link?”!

We also handed out about 10 cards with our own details on it – in case any of the churches wanted me to speak at one of their meetings – so we’ll see what happens about that.

Mark Dowd also attended for almost the whole day (which ran from 10.30 to 6.00) and had a great time – and was able to talk to many people specifically about Op Noah. The photo captures the (home-made!) CEL banner, Op Noah banner, the three of us, table of leaflets and an enquirer. What it doesn’t capture are the constant crowds throughout the day – but I couldn’t manage that since there was no stall behind ours and we needed to get in the banners etc.

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