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climate change marchersChristian Aid - Cut the Carbon Walk.- Huddersfield 14 Aug

Nicki Smith of Huddersfield writes:

After Leeds the marchers went on to Bradford and then to Huddersfield which is where I met up with them. There was an evening meeting at Huddersfield Methodist mission, which over 100 people attended. Risolat from Tajikistan spoke about the effect that the melting of glaciers is having on her country, causing water problems and landslides. Several others answered questions from the audience.

The following day, I was able to walk with them as they set off from St Georges Square in Huddersfield. We went up the Hudds Narrow Canal, up the Colne Valley. Slaithwaite Methodist Church gave us a very welcome tea/coffee break after about 4 miles, and after a further 3 miles or so, Marsden United Church gave us lunch. Then we set off up the hill, to go over Standedge towards Manchester. I, and 4 other Huddersfield people, said our farewells to the marchers at the top of the Pennines, after handing them over to the next team who were walking down to Greenfield with them.

It was a huge privilege to meet the marchers. I am so impressed by their commitment.

It is a punishing schedule. One of the marchers, Pierre from Mali, had stayed with me overnight. He has given up a month, away from his wife and new baby, to publicise the need to "Cut the Carbon", and to push our Government to introduce an effective Climate Change bill. Some of the other marchers are walking the whole 1000 miles.

I have laced my "Cut the Carbon" shoelaces into my trainers, and will think of the marchers that I have met every time I wear them.

Visit the Christian Aid March site


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