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Christian Aid - Cut the Carbon Walk.- 11 Aug Leeds


see also articles about Huddersfield on 14 Aug by Nicki Smith
and Birmingham on 27 August

Judith Allinson of Settle writes:

The Christian Aid March with 20 people from different countries is progressing down its 1000 mile route through Britain.

On 11 August I was able to join it when it was at Leeds when it came nearest to where I live. There was a rally on the Headrow.

The 20 marchers with red t-shirts were followed by local supporters and banners and accompanied by a samba type band.

Some of the marchers told stories and messages from their countries. Mahesh Pandya from India said a little about climate change - and then concentrated on how we waste things in general- something about Ghandi- how he only used a cup/bucket of water for washing ..(hope to get a better quote later)

Rt Ref John Packer the Bishop of Ripon and Leeds gave a talk from the top of the Christian Aid Bus and so did the representative of the Catholic Bishop who mentioned The Catholic booklet the Call of Creation

Later the Bishop bought some Cut the Carbon shoe-laces


Bishop John with shoe-laces



The shoe laces




A tent with a display of an African village



One of the banners in the crowd carried by Animal Aid said "Animal farming produces 18% of greenhouse emissions. Christian Aid promotes animal farming to impoverished peoples"


Hmm .. I thought - this would make a good exam question... "Discuss" ... At last someone is raising this thorny question -

How many cows do we in Yorkshire eat?
Sheep and cows are a good use of our Yorkshire Dales Pastures.
Importing peanuts etc from Africa to feed the cows with is not a good use of Peanuts..
Surely it is better giving people cows than goats since goats destroy much of the natural vegetation

A lady from the group came and tried to explain to me (to the noisy background of the band) that they were not arguing against Christian Aid, that they were discussing this with Christian Aid..


I came back home (by train - the Settle Carlisle line of course). In the evening I helped run Settle's contribution to "National Moth Night".

The next day (Sunday 12th) I printed out a couple of the pictures and after the service at St John's Methodist Church, whilst we were having coffee, I stood up on a chair and told people a little about the walk at Leeds - so that the people there could feel part of the walk too.

I had met several Christian Ecology Link members whilst I was there. I hope other people will support the walk as it progresses down the country.

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and see the facebook video

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