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Rowan Anglican Page

Date added Item
June 2006 Shrinkingthefootprint C of E website. Press release:
March 2006 Rowan Williams interviewed on Radio4 Today Programme (28 March) on Climate change - 8.10am - Transcript of speech
October 2005 Oct 9: RW's Sermon about environment. Sermon at Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway
April 2005 April 17: Archbishop of C. Letter to Independent on Ecology and Environment and Elections. See below
April 2005 Science, Medicine, Technology & Environment page on C or E website. A most useful port of call, especially the Environment section
April 2005

Archbishop Rowan Williams pre-election open letter on 31 March 2005 to leaders of Political Parties includes four questions. The first question is:

- First: What practical initiatives can be taken to halt and reverse our collective lack of international responsibility about the environment? What real support is available for something like the 'Contraction and Convergence' approach, under which pollution levies can be ploughed back into sustainable development for low-pollution economies? What arguments can you use to bring the USA to the table over these issues? And, prosaically, nearer home, what level of commitment is there to an enforceable code of practice for environmental audits of government offices and public services? Read the whole letter

March 2005 Archbishop Rowan Williams gives Lecture: Economy and Ecology 8 March, Univ. Kent.
Feb 2005 The Environment Motion that was passed at Synod on 17 Feb
Feb 2005 Read CEL's Briefing to Synod
14 Feb CEL Press release: Briefing to Synod
on Synod environment Motion.
Feb 2005 Sharing God's Planet (UK Anglican) Church Publishing House Feb 2005 -ready for Synod
Ecological Notes to the Common Worship Lectionary - by Keith Innes
Introduction and Index to weeks so far put on line The notes are being added in serial form, week by week.

November 2000 WCC, CEC, CCEE, ECEN, CTE, EIN, ICC, ACTS, Cytun, Churches Together in Our-Town, : Ecumenical bodies, denominations, local churches and Care of the Environment - A guide to how these organisations and you and your church are related.

A planet on the brink. Article from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Independent on Sunday 17 April 2005

Too often in recent decades, the two big “e” words -- ecology and economy -- have been used as though they represented opposing concerns. Yes, we should be glad to do more about the environment, if only this didn’t interfere with economic development and the liberty of people and nations to create wealth in whatever ways they can.

Or, we should be glad to address environmental issues if we could be sure that we had first resolved the challenge of economic injustice within and between societies. So from both left and right there has often been a persistent sense that it isn’t proper or possible to tackle both together, let alone to give a different sort of priority to ecological matters.

But this separation or opposition has come to look like a massive mistake. It has been said that ‘the economy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the environment’. The earth itself is what ultimately controls economic activity because it is the source of the materials upon which economic activity works. Read the whole article




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