Green Christian     Issue 54: Spring 2004

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Download a poster to display about this competiton to encourage others to enter


for children aged 1 - 100!

Create a poster or design for a t-shirt


The first prize will be a £20 pound book token.

Runners up £10 book token.

The best entries will be displayed at the Rainbow Pilgrimage on 9 October 2004 in Coventry.

The theme is "Save our Planet" helping to promote Operation Noah and the Rainbow Pilgrimage.


So your poster will illustrate the dangers of climate change, or global warming, or ways to help or heal the planet. You may want to take your inspiration from the story of Naoh in the Bible, or even from the musical "Captain Naoh and his floating zoo which is to be sung by children in Coventry on Saturday October 9th.


The poster will be at least A4 size.

T-shirt will be A4 or within a 21cm square

You can use paint of crayons of felt tips or your computer.

Remember that simple bold clear designs are often more successful.

There will be the following age categories:

  1. Up to 8 years
  2. 8-12 years
  3. 13-16 years
  4. Over 16 to 100!

Please remember to clearly mark your entry with your name, age and address.

The final date for entries will be Saturday September 11th 2004. So there will be a reminder about the competition in the next issues of Green Christian in July, but entries can be sent at any time from now on.

More information from: The Editor, Green Christian Ringsfield Eco-Study Centre, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 8JR to whom entries should be sent, or email to

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