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The European Christian Environment Network (ECEN) Assemby in Milan, 24-28 Sept

  1. ECEN-silent-witnessPlease print and use the Appeal to churches (two sided pdf file) - please at leas read it!!
  2. ECEN "The time to act is now" Summary by Eleanor Todd - a short article with impact
  3. Right: Picture of ECEN Silent Witness from Henrik Grape's Faith and Climate blog - read his blog - he is adding to it each day.
  4. ECEN Assembly Report by D Coaker on Creation challenge site - this has three pictures of the speakers
  5. Milan 2008 - Documents, news and pictures from the 7th ECEN Assembly on ECEN website
  6. ECEN Press Release by Martyn Goss
  7. ECEN 2008 Milan
  8. Left. ECEN group picture

  9. Report on Operation Noah website on ECEN by Martyn Goss
  10. Report by Adrian Shaw.
  11. The Silent Hour:

    Sister Louisa Poole writes:
    The great event on Day 2 was a Symbolic Action that we performed, by the cathedral: a silent hour with all hundred of us in a large semicircle standing still and unmoving. We had placards that created much very polite interest to passers by, as did our stance with people stopping and gazing, looking at the placards and reading the handouts.

    Placards said things like: (as well as more obvious ecological messages)

    Between saying and doing there is giving.
    My Prince comes riding on a bicycle.
    Birth control for Cars.
    I want more; more spiritual energy, more cooperative games, more brilliant friends, more mind travel.
    How many kilometres do you wear?
    I don't want to eat an onion that has travelled more than I..
    Slim down your impact on the planet.
    I want more spiritual energy, friends and inspiration.
    I want a community full of energy.

    They sound even better in Italian!
    Very well received and the hour was after all only an hour! We survived with good humour intact.

The People from Britain and Ireland who went to the ECEN conference are: (.N.B this list and the titles are provisional)

Eleanor Todd (ECEN web Editor)
Adrian Shaw (EcoCongregation Scotland and Climate Change Programme of Church of Scotland)
Robin Morrison (Church in Society Officer, Church in Wales)
Catherine Brennan SSL ( EcoCongregation Ireland)
Robert Buick - (Presbyterian Church in Ireland)
Rev Samuel Millar - (Presbyterian Church in Ireland)
David Coaker URC, Creation Challenge (Methodist URC project)
Peter Southcombe (URC)
Martyn Goss (Exeter Diocese) - Water Working Group
Sr Louisa Poole (Catholic)
Ruth Conway (Oxford) - Education Working Group,
Martin Conway - Interpreter
Jo Rathbone EcoCongregation England
Dimitri Oikonomu

More on previous ECEN Assemblies on CEL website

ECEN official Website

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