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European Christian Environment Network Dossier 2003: International Year of Fresh Water

ECEN has produced a set of prayers and readings which can be used in services about care of Creation, harvest festivals etc. A paper version which includes the English Version of the material, PLUS two useful Christian songs with music not on the ECEN website can be obtained by sending £2-00 to CEL, 3, Bond Street, Lancaster, LA1 3ER, UK. .. worth it just for the two songs.

The Dossier of Material with useful material about WATER and about CREATION TIME prepared by ECEN can be downloaded here.. It can be obtained as a doc file 262 KB. The contents of this file are given below. It can also be downloaded from

The bullet points have been added by CEL's web editor to explain certain sections.

0. Creation and Christian Stewardship - An Introduction: Isolde Schönstein

1. Annual Theme - WATER

1.1 Why should we be concerned? Prof. Lukas Vischer
  • Some useful facts and statistics about water (page 4)
  • The churches response - what should/can churches and church organisations do on a local and national level? (page 13)
1.2 Springs of Living Water, Prof. Lukas Vischer
  • Ways in which the Bible speaks about water (page 16)
1.2 Springs of Living Water, Prof. Lukas Vischer 1.3 Silent Cry for Water, Dr. Roman Juriga
  • What can we do - some practical suggestions. (page 22)
2. Church Documents / Theology / Ethics
  • List of Church Statement and Activities concerning Water (in Europe) (page 25)
  • The majority of the rest of the dossier is about having a Creation Time and/or a Creation Day in the Church and on living sustainably (page 26 onwards)
2.1 Recommendations of EEA II/97, Graz
  • (page 26)
2.2 A Time of Creation - Theological Rational, Prof. Lukas Vischer
  • Reasons why we should have "Creation Time" (page 27)
2.3 Celebrating the Creator and the Creation - Theological Reflection, Pf. Klaus Hoof
  • More reasons, especially theological ones, why we should have "Creation Time" (page 33)
2.4 The Ecological View of Creation of Vladimir Solov'ev, Prof. Andrej Danilov
2.5 Theological and Socio-ethical Comments on the Creation Day, Prof. Karl Golser

3 Praxis

ARGE Schöpfungsverantwortung:
3.1 Celebrating the Creator and the Creation - Origin, Development, Interpretation
3.2 Recommendations for a Praxis of a Day of Creation and a Time of Creation
i) for One's Personal Life
ii) for the Church's Everyday Life
iii) for the Church's Liturgical Life (cf. also Dossier - Liturgy 2003)
3.3 Biblical Passages for Meditation
3.4 Quotations - The Ecological Crisis
3. "Justice Budgets" - Socio-ecological Model for Praxis
3.6 European Car-free Day - 22. September - Soft Mobility / Climate Protection
3.7 Monday Prayer - Invitation to all Christians to a Morning Prayer

  • The section Monday Prayer (page 49) invites Christians to pray about "Conversion" away from self-destructive processes and indifference/apathy toward "Responsibility for Creation".

Links: More details about Creation Time
and the European Christian Environment Network (ECEN).
Pictures of the ECEN conference at which the resolution was made
An Introductory Guide on CEL's Website to relationships of Ecumenical and Denominational organisations in Britain and Europe: WCC, CEC, CCE, ECEN, CTBI, EIN, CTE, ACTS, ICC, Cytun, Churches Together in Our-Town.

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