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European Christian Environmental Network
Assembly at Loccum, Germany, 27-31 Oct


About 90 people from 24 different European countries attended
the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) Assembly
held at Loccum near Hanover in Germany 27-31 October 1999.
It was held at the Protestant Evangelical Academy, Loccum
Tree at Loccum

Each morning and evening we met for a short period of quiet and for worship in the chapel

The talks and discussions were translated into English, German and Russian.
You can see the windows of the rooms at the back where the translators sit.
conference room

Dr David Hallman, the World Council of Churches Expert on Climate Change (right) talks to us before going to Bonn in the first week of November 1999 for the meeting the government leaders on climate change.
We learnt that against the background of a scientific consensus that a 60% reduction is needed to stabilise greenhouse gas emissions, the world's leaders are haggling over less than 10%.
    "The role of the churches is to press governments and societies to look seriousy at simpler lifestyles and ask what is enough." he said
Dr David Hallman

Here two delegates prepare to give the report of the Education Coalition
(Click for a broader view)

We go for a walk to a Cistercian monastery nearby

Meals provide a good time for discussion

Group photo. Click for larger picture
Group photo Loccum
So, we had a good time.
Since then, how much have each one of us been able to use the experience to increase the awareness in our countries of the urgent need to protect God's creation?

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