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Ecological Notes on the Common Worship Lectionary
(Principal Service Readings)
by Keith Innes
Visit the Vanderbilt Divinity Library to read the text for the passages from the bible for the relevant Sunday

Coming Sunday

econotes1.htm: Advent - 2nd Sun in Lent
econotes2.htm: 2nd Sun in Lent - June
econotes.htm: July -Nov

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Special notes have also been prepared on a set of four environment themes for the four Sundays in September. Click here for special notes for four special sets of notes for "Season of Creation Sundays" in September

The Old Testament Wilderness in Ecological Perspective - this is the report of the work Keith Innes has just carried out (Nov 2005) on an MPhil .
Keith Innes has had some hard copies of this paper printed, and can obtain others on demand (card cover, spiral binding). They cost £9.50 including UK p & p; outside UK, £8.00 plus p & p.




First Sunday after Christmas

Epiphany Jan 6
Baptism of Christ - First Sunday after Epiphany

Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas)

Fourth Sunday before Lent (Proper 1)

Third Sunday before Lent (Proper 2) Septuagesima

Second Sunday before Lent Creation Sunday

Sunday before Lent

Ash Wednesday

Lent 1
Lent 2
Lent 3
Lent 4
Lent 5
Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday
Easter Sunday
Easter 2
Easter 3
Easter 4
Easter 5
Easter 6
Easter 7
Pentecost Whit-Sunday

Mothering Sunday
All Saints: 1 Nov

Year C

Advent 1
Advent 2
Advent 3
Advent 4

Christmas Eve and Day


The conviction underlying these notes is that the value of God's creation is at the heart of the Christian faith; the valuing of all that God has made is at the heart of Christian discipleship. Therefore responsible conduct towards the earth and the whole earth community should be one dimension of Christian thought and preaching.

These notes make no pretensions to erudition; they are just examples of the kinds of way in which one preacher has tried to apply a traditional exegesis of Scripture to questions of ecological responsibility. The applications are not justified by argument. They are only ideas, which others can use if they wish, pastorally moulding them to suit individual situations. The author hopes that they may serve as seeds which germinate in other soil, and that God may bless them towards the enrichment of ministry and mission.

Keith Innes      March 2001

Note: The verse numbers of the Psalms are taken from the 1999 edition of The Common Worship Lectionary published by Oxford University Press.


econotes2.htm: 2nd Sun in Lent - June

econotes.htm: July -Nov

econotes1.htm: Advent - 2nd Sun in Lent


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