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CEL EcoTeams Facilitators Training Day

Judith Allinson (CEL's web-editor) writes " the EcoTeams Training left people feeling confident and enthusiastic about running such a group". She also mentions other highlights of her visit to Peterborough .


"Fourteen members of CEL from as far apart as Leeds, Exeter and Ipswich, and three EcoTeams trainers met at Railworld at Peterborough for an EcoTeams Facilitators Training Day on 4 February 2006. CEL steering committee members Chris Walton and Paul Bodenham of CEL welcomed everyone.

What is an EcoTeam? An EcoTeam consists of a group people from 4 to 6 households.

These meet on five evenings over five months. The first session is an introductory session where people meet each other. Then they go away and measure things for a month - electricity, weight of rubbish etc - without trying to be "Green". In the following months there are sessions on Waste, Energy and Travel, and Water. People share tips and ideas for improvement. During these months people keep on monitoring their electricity, waste, etc. The last meeting is a feedback and celebration event.

EcoTeams has a workbook for members of the group and a short video and CD material to help the facilitator (the person running the group). This material is very accessible, practical and positive, and people can measure their achievements. Facilitators are encouraged to approach the issue in an enjoyable and fun way and the programmes have proven to be successful. The CD includes material for posters articles for recruiting people to the group, and other material to make life easy for the facilitator.

Chris and Paul showed participants the material that they and Jo Rathbone had prepared specially for use by church groups. The next edition of the EcoTeams material will be produced in a loose leaf - binder format, so the CEL material can be inserted in the relevant sections. Chris and Paul asked for feedback, and will be analysing the feedback in the next few weeks.

If you would like to know more, or to consider running and EcoTeam at your church or house-group please contact Chris Walton

See also CEL Pages: Ecoteams and Restorick




The location - a "port-a-cabin" type workroom at Railworld was an excellent location, half a mile from the main station at Peterborough on a strip of land between to the railwayline and the River Nene.



It is a visitor attraction and "Sustainable Transport Centre and 21 st Showcase for Rail". There are engines and rail paraphernalia and port-a-cabins with displays about sustainable living.. One small port-a-cabin is left as a meditation/quiet room.



Teasel on the reserve

Rev Paton shows the globe in the new Exhibition Centre


Rev Richard Paten, chair of the charity Railworld, and also a member of CEL, showed several of us round after the meeting.

We walked over a footbridge that had been built by members of the charity, to an area of (reclaimed industrial) land that now has a nature reserve and a new visitor centre - and some ground made into a hill called Mount Zion that children like me can run up and down.



I had travelled down from Settle 150 miles away on an early train with my friend Althea Shevill. This gave us time to see Peterborough Cathedral church, with mirrors reflecting the wonderful wooden painted ceiling, to visit the church bookshop and buy an excellent fun children's popup book "Wonderful Earth",

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