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EcoTeams foldersCEL teamed up with environmental charity Global Action Plan in 2005. Global Action Plan has been running empowering community environmental programmes since 1992. Started simultaneously in USA and Netherlands, it is now based in Stockholm, Sweden and operating in 14 countries.

The EcoTeam programme was developed in Netherlands and brought to the UK in the year 2000. It was first piloted with Rushcliffe Borough Council in Nottinghampshire. It has since helped thousands of households to make positive changes in their lifestyles, achieving measurable results by taking action on waste, energy use and travel. Global Action Plan say that families that have taken part in EcoTeams have saved up to £19 per week as a result of reducing waste and energy use.

What is an EcoTeam?

The EcoTeam programme is a practical community-based activity that helps households to reduce their impact on the environment and to save money. EcoTeams are small groups of six to eight people who each represent their household.

What does an Ecoteam do?

Each household in an EcoTeam is provided with a comprehensive Handbook which guides you through the course with helpful information.

Representatives of each household meet at regular intervals over a period of approximately 4 months.

At each meeting EcoTeam representatives share experiences, ideas and achievements on the environmental actions that they have taken.

Five topics are covered:- Rubbish, Shopping and Food, Energy in the home, Travel, and Water.

Progress is monitored by measuring waste, energy use and water use. It is, however, not competitive. Households cooperate with each other to find solutions to problems.

How do I start an Ecoteam?

Perhaps the best way to start is to send for a Facilitator's Pack. This consists of a loose-leaf Handbook which guides you through the course. It also includes helpful Biblical and Theological material prepared by the CEL team for use with each section.

Also included is a DVD which shows EcoTeams in action and provides visual material for each of the major topics.

Additional help is provided on the data CD (also supplied) which is crammed full of ideas and hints and tips on how best to get your team started and how to run it.

Work through the pack in your own time to get a clear idea of what it's about. When you are ready, get your team together; register them with the EcoTeam coordinator and purchase the required number of Handbooks - one for each household.

From time to time Global Action Plan run facilitator training sessions. Please let Pete Redwood know if you would like to be included in one of these.

Once started you will need to supply measurements from your team at monthly intervals. These will be sent to Global Action Plan. Once all Topics have been completed you will get a report back from Global Action Plan to show how well you did.

What does it cost?

The Facilitators Pack costs £12.50

Handbooks are £7.50 each. That works out at just 62.5 pence per week!

Balances (fishermen's scales) to help you weigh your rubbish are available at £3.50 each.

Postage is added to each order at cost.

Get started now

Contact Pete Redwood , the CEL EcoTeams coordinator, for help in setting up a team in your church or church related group. He will be happy to offer helpful advice.

Pete Redwood :Email Telephone: 01723 353640.

Global Action Plan 8 Fulwood Place, London WC1V 6HG

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