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CEL - PRESS RELEASE - 4 Sept 2002


Churches must bear part of the blame for the disappointing outcome of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, said Tim Cooper, Chairman of Christian Ecology Link today.

"Affluent nations have lacked a spirit of sacrifice and generosity to the poor at the Summit. And the idolatry of the unrestrained free market has again been prioritised over our immediate and long-term environmental responsibilities.

"The outcome of the Summit exposes a crisis in values in industrialised countries. It is one which the church, at all levels, must seek to address with increased urgency. Christian leaders in Britain have a critical role to play in shaping society's values, hopes and expectations. The support that they gave to the Call to Prayer and Action for the Summit issued by Christian environmental organisations(1) was welcome, but more must be done to address this crisis."

In recent weeks thousands of Christians have visited the web-site, which contains a briefing on the Summit for church leaders.

Christian Ecology Link is pleased to announce that the Rt Rev James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool, has agreed to become a patron. Other patrons are Fr Sean McDonagh, Dr Elaine Storkey, Jonathon Porritt, Prof Sir Ghillean Prance, Rt Rev Hugh Montefiore, and Dr Ruth Page.


(1) The Call to Prayer and Action was issued by A Rocha, Christian Ecology Link, Eco-Congregation and the John Ray Initiative. It received backing from the Presidents of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

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