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CEL home > Ideas/Millennium-Cert > Falmouth August 2007

Emmanuel Baptist Church,
Western Terrace, Falmouth, Cornwall

Actions carried out for which the
Christian Ecology Link
Millennium Challenge Certificate
was awarded on Sunday 26th March 2000

1) Organic Vegetable Plot

The plot was obtained in April 1999 as part of the local Agenda 21 in partnership with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. Our Splash youth group has been involved in the planting and cultivation. Various crops have been harvested including runner beans, sweetcorn, radishes, beetroot and parsnips. All are sold to our church congregation.

Falmouth Church Organic Vegetable Plot

2) Wildlife Pond

Pond This was dug in Spring 1999 with the help of the Splash youth group. Species present/observed include: frogs (from tadpoles), damselflies, dragonflies, water boatmen, pond skaters, pond snails, lilies and rushes.

3) Planned Litter Collection Event

The church has materials left over from the previous "Tidy Britain" Campaign and is planning a beach-cleaning event for 16th April 2000

4) Butterfly Garden

Watch this space!! The seeds and plants have been obtained and we are waiting for the spring to plant them. The photo shows the proposed site where two trenches are to be dug either side with a grass path running central. shrubs are to be planted in the left hand bed and wild flowers in the right hand bed.
Raised Beds

5) Raised beds

This is built near the butterfly garden at the rear of the church for the "Garden" nursery group to use for educational purposes. Children will be planting flowers and simple crops in the spring.

6) Recycling Facilities

Newspaper Recycling This is the Newspaper and magazine recycling facility used by the church congregation and members of the local community.

7) Response to World Crises

Food Parcels The photo shows a recent food parcel response to Euro Aid towards the recent crisis in Kosovo. Members of the congregation regularly support orphanages in Romania. Aid is given to other trouble spots around the world through donations of food, blankets and money donations.

8) Sustainable Events and Resources at EBC.

There are regular jumble sales, clothes swapping events and craft fairs. There is a resource centre library on site including books, teaching materials, videos and greetings cards.

9) Office Policy

The church office is staffed full time and operates a recycling policy where applicable, such as paper and toner recycling.

10) Preaching of Green Issues

Looking at Pond Animal Life Over the past 12 months the church has brought green issues to the attention of the congregation through the pulpit. There have been sermons on such issues as animal rights, genetic modification, cloning, war/peace and the environment in general. Sermons have included question and answer sessions. Petitions have also been sent from members of the congregation to support the five year Freeze Campaign by Friends of the Earth


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