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Green Christian
Winter 2007 Issue 64

Staying on the Edge

  • Letting Loose Despair by John Mead
  • Letting Loose Despair - a response by Chris Walton
  • Christians, Greens and Political Hope by John Collins
  • Exit the System - The Climate Camp Experience by Ruth Jarman
  • Stirling's Carbon Neutral Bike Ride by Caroline Butterfield
  • 25 years worth of Christian Ecology Link by Stephanie Boucher
  • Storm of Hope - 25th Anniversary Event
  • Stirring the Storm of Hope
  • News from the Churches
  • CEL Bulletin
  • Books:
    • Evening Thoughts by Thomas Berry
    • Stations of the Banquet: Faith Foundations for Food Justice by Cathy C. Campbell
    • Why Spirituality is Difficult for Westerners by David Hay
  • Sustainability Framework 2007 by Catherine Budgett-Meakin
  • The Wasted Tree by Sarah de Nordwall

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