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The Glory of Creation -

Written for the Second Sunday before Lent - Creation / Environment Sunday in the Old Lectionary.

The Second Sunday before Lent was treated as Environment or Creation Sunday in the Old Lectionary and still is in some versions of the Anglican Lectionary..

This hymn can be sung to Jerusalem the Golden / Ewing or to other D hymns



The glory of creation, throughout the universe,
So wonderful in essence, delightfully diverse.
Antarctica to Asia; the jungles of Brazil,
Established by the Father, with loving care and skill.

From mountain tops to valleys; in forests and in parks,
We watch the playful squirrels; we hear the joyful larks.
Wild orchids so unusual; bright parakeets so loud,
Rare butterflies so fragile; the tiger standing proud.

Deep mysteries, of oceans and unknown outer space,
Migration paths of swallows, the eagle's nesting place.
The more we gain in knowledge, the less we understand
This world so rich and complex, created by God's hand.

But crisis looms upon us; the planet's under threat,
The global climate's changing, the balance is upset.
The melting of the ice caps; diversity declines,
Extinction of key species; we're overwhelmed with signs.

So Father please forgive us for spoiling Planet Earth,
Give us a chance to change it; to instigate new birth,
Let's care for your creation, in details and in whole
Protect, preserve and cherish; may this be our new goal.

© Denzil Walton

If you use this hymn, please acknowledge this as the work of Denzil Walton. Perhaps you would like to email him at to let him know that you have used it.

Denzil Walton is happy for people to print his hymn for services and non commercial publicaitons etc provided that they print the exact words, and that he is credited. He would be pleased to hear where it is being used . email Denzil Walton

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