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Entwining Circles

Tune: Waly Waly : Celebration Hymnal 399 Common Praise 129 ( Words usually sung to this tune - When I survey the wondrous cross) H&P 594 - Song: An Upper Room did our Lord prepare

Note: As in many folk songs the words need to be sung freely! (midi file of tune . Waly Waly on Wikipedia)

  1. •  The earth is crying out for love;
    The love of those who seek the way
    To bring forth justice, peace and joy
    Into the hearts of all today.

  2. •  Entwining circles, life and death,
    Join us with sea and earth and sky.
    Beast, fishes, birds are one with us.
    In hurting one we hurt all life.

  3. •  What can we do to turn the tide;
    To help create a fairer world?
    To stop pollution and abuse?
    To sow the seeds of life not death?
  1. •  We may feel down, we may despair.
    The part we play may seem so small.
    How can we hope with just one loaf
    To meet the future needs of all?

  2. •  Let us remember as we sing,
    When given up to bless and share,
    Five barley loaves and two small fish,
    Fed thousands with enough to spare.

  3. •  So we believe, Creator God,
    We make a difference when we say
    Like that young boy with two small fish,
    " Here, take and share my gifts today."

  1. •  Then justice, peace and joy will reign,
    When we join hearts and hands as one
    And play our part, however small
    And pray as one, Thy Kingdom come.

Mrs Jean MacDonald , Wilmorton, Derby , Derbyshire

This song remains the copyright of the author. The author (Jean Maconald) and publishers (Christian Ecology Link) have given permission for the words to to be photocopied or used in individual services and classrooms, provided both are credited.


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