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Good Gifts for All


Tune: Wir pflugen (Refrain) - Words usually sung to this tune: We plough the fields H&P 352,


We plough the fields, and scatter
the good seed on our lands,
but nations who are deep in debt
are left with empty hands.
The world is full of people
who struggle to survive,
while we have food in plenty -
O God, our care revive!


All good gifts around us
are sent for all to share;
we ask you, Lord, to help us strive
for justice everywhere.


The fields of many countries
are tilled to pay their debt,
and so disease and poverty
remain a constant threat.
Their goods, unfairly traded,
make losses for our gain,
as most of all the profits
in wealthy hands remain.




3. God's beautiful creation
is fast becoming spoiled,
and deserts overrun the ground
where once the farmers toiled.
Forgive us this pollution
of much that you have made,
and show us the solution
for fair and equal trade.

Alison Blenkinsop



The author, Alison Blenkinsop is happy for people to print this hymn for services and non commercial publicaitons etc provided that the exact words are printed, and that she is credited. She would be pleased to hear where it is being used . email Blenkinsop (c) Blenkinsop 2000.

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