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Christian Ecology Link's chairman wrote a letter to Tony Blair on behalf of CEL Steering Committee in January 2003. Several members have also written individually.

The letter shown is a sample letter which we are encouraging CEL members to send to the PM or to amend as appropriate and send to their own MP.

Dear Mr Blair

We are deeply worried that the UK government, under your leadership, is intending to commit British troops to pre-emptive military action in Iraq. Preventive war is a war of aggression. It will be unwise and politically destabilising if the USA, with Britain alongside, takes unilateral action without explicit United Nations sanction.

War will cause death and suffering to Iraqi civilians, who will be largely innocent victims, and harm their environment with its considerable heritage. Inevitably so-called smart bombs will miss their targets and destroy homes, water and sewage treatments plants, schools, churches, and mosques. Moreover, such action, far from making people in this country feel more secure, will increase the risk of terrorist actions against UK citizens and may lead to a much wider conflict.

We accept that Iraq's current leadership has done some wicked things and needs to be contained. But the case has not been made that Saddam Hussein is more of a direct threat to the UK, or his neighbours, than dictators in other countries. Nor is there evidence that adequate thought has been given to the basis of alternative regimes, which may be more sympathetic to anti-Western extremists.

We suspect that a major underlying reason for this anticipated war is the dependence of the West, and especially the USA, on oil. Instead of attempting to secure control of Iraq's oil fields we would urge Western governments to put far more effort into developing alternative energy resources and greater energy efficiency.

We welcome your government's efforts to assist moderate Palestinian politicians. Much more effort needs to go into resolving the Israel/Palestine crisis. The injustice being perpetrated on the Palestinian people by the current Israeli government is at the root of the antagonism of many Islamic people towards the West.

War should be a very last resort after all other options have been tried. Pre-emptive war is immoral and illegal. It violates our Christian beliefs and principles. As Christians who care about the whole earth, its creatures and all its people, we call on you to seek for peaceful, non-military solutions to the current threat posed by Iraq.

Yours sincerely

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