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Live Simply

A report by CEL member Camilla Luff

Live Simply was on Friday evening, March 14 and Saturday March 15 in central Manchester.

A lively and creative dance display and music was played by Loreto College Manchester students which started the Friday evenings events.

Mary Colwel (BBC Natural History Producer) then showed a series of thought provoking and informative film clips and shared her liking for the Nike motto ‘just do it’. She explains it symbolizes our need for positive action and to be individually responsible for climate change and later added in response to a question from the audience that we shouldn't sit and wait for our religious leaders to take action.

She illustrated how the natural world is being effected by the pollution of mankind's excesses. We are journeying on a “12 lane motorway which ends in a brick wall” she explains, and suggests we take another approach down “a road less travelled” and commends the need to act positively for any chance to be effective in dealing with climate change.

Christine Allen, Director of Catholic Development agency Progressio, then chaired a Climate Change debate straight after Mary's delivery.

The panel included Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Birmingham, Bishop John Arnold of Westminster and David Wells and Tom Cullinan who is a Monk-Priest. The topic of enquiry from the audience was predominently questioning what church authorities are doing about climate change.

The evening was a great start to the LiveSimply Event, with challenging issues being aired. I felt privileged to be a small part of this visionary programme.

I enjoyed disseminating useful information as in CEL leaflets at our display stand, listening and discussing with people their own local experiences. A lady there explained that whilst being a teacher at a primary school in Manchester brought about the school to transform a local tipping and disused site into a nature reserve for the children to learn and explore. One of the first schools in Manchester to achieve green status she informed me.

As CEL shared our display area with Operation Noah, it was rewarding and enlightening to meet with Mark Dowd and Charles Berry. Mark Dowd being the writer and presenter of the powerful and influential programme 'God is Green' who is now the very active and effective Campaign Strategist for Operation Noah.

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