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Rainbow Promise

On the last Tuesday morning of September 2002, ramps were placed up the steps to the great doors of the West nave of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and a horse drawn carriage driven inside! This was the press launch of the five-day event called the Rainbow Promise. Bishop James welcomed the countryside into the city with representatives from many rural organisations and those who exist to promote conservation and protection of the environment.

Those who had the opportunity to visit the Cathedral during this enterprising initiative may have found themselves building bird boxes with the RSPB, finding out about the work of the National Farmers Union or learning about local environmental organisations such as the Merseyside Environmental Trust.

Christian Ecology Link had a display stand with a comprehensive range of leaflets with only a few left by the last day. There was also: theatre and puppets for the young; live animals to interest and amuse all and a Farmers market to provide a range of locally grown and produced food (organic potatoes with soil on!). Why not do a comparison taste test with washed spuds bought from the supermarket?

The culmination of the Rainbow Promise was a special gathering in the Lady Chapel on Tuesday evening with Bishop James and invited speakers. Called 'Earthing the Community' the audience was asked to think about taking the environment seriously at a local level.

This imaginative approach, to raising the profile of caring for the earth, by the Diocese of Liverpool can be counted as a resounding success if all the people who came have taken away one or two of the suggested ideas to live a more environmentally aware lifestyle… which after all as Christians should we not be doing?

by Don Thompson of Liverpool

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