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December Village Green Corner
by Barbara Echlin,
a member of Christian Ecology Link

Edwin Muir, the Orkney poet, describes the birth of the child who, according to Matthew's gospel, is 'God with us'.
    Was born a Child in body bound
    Among the cattle in a byre.
    The clamorous world was all around,
    Beast, insect, plant, earth, water, fire.

Many paintings of the Nativity include animals around the manger and sheep in the fields. The beautiful carvings in the Christmas crib at St Peter's go back to the inspiration of Francis of Assisi and the Christmas creche at Grechio. Jesus, like us, was and is interconnected and interdependent with the world around him. The Christmas story reminds us how the incarnation and our redemption are centred in the earth. It also points to the importance of families and the nurture of children.


Christmas is a time to:-
  • Bless our families and homes, our gardens and animals, wild and domestic
  • Remind ourselves that wildlife and domestic animals are included in the Christmas story by buying organically produced food which protects wildlife habitats
  • Buy free range meat from local farms
  • Cut down on the profligate Christmas waste with the three "Rs" - reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Consider the Christmas paradox: 'The one through whom the world was created would be brought forth in the midst of creation.' (Pope Leo 1)

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