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The Pancake Principle

Will you, like me, be chomping into a pile of pancakes on the 4th of March? The idea behind Pancake day is to use up the perishables in your larder before fasting for Lent so that nothing goes to waste or sits at the back of your larder going blue. Applying this "Pancake Principle" to other things can help us look after God's wonderful, but limited, creation. Use things up! Don't buy new things until you need to! The TV advert for mobile phones that encourages us to buy a new one simply as a fashion statement encourages the irresponsible consumer behaviour of buying things that we just don't need. Mobile phones are particularly important as they contain the toxic heavy metal Cadmium which could leak from land fill into the water table and enter the food chain.

[Web-editor's comment: Extraction of Cadmium is causing problems in the Congo: Much of the cadmium and other rare metals used in moble phones are mined in the DRC (Democratic Repbulic of the Congo]. they come froman ore called Coltan. Wildlife is being killed and the eastern lowland gorillas is being driven closer to extinction. The trees where they live are cut down and used as fuel for smelting the metals from the metal ore . Profits from illegal mining fueld the war in that country.

March Top Tip:

If you do need to replace your mobile phone, don't just throw away your old one! Christian Aid receives 3-50 per handset for having them recycled. Send unneeded mobiles post free to Christian Aid Appeal, XS Tronix, Freepost LON17592, PO Box 32343, London SW17 9ZZ. Christian Aid will also help recycle old printer cartridges. Details at 0207 523 2315

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