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CEL prayer for biodiversity and Nagoya

Christian Ecology Link calls on churches to pray for biodiversity protection in the period approaching and during the World Conference on Biodiversity at Nagoya, Japan 18-29 October

Biodiversity is Life Support systems. Loss of Biodiversity = loss of soil, loss of genetic resources for plant breeding, loss of fishing industry, loss of bees for pollinations due to loss of wildflowers.

The Prayer:-

A quarter of the world's mammals, and one fifth of the world's plants are under threat of extinction.

Lord we thank you for this beautiful world with its amazing variety of animals and plants.

Be with those meeting at the Nagoya Conference in Japan, 18-29 October as they seek to find ways of preserving your world . . .
. . . ways of preventing the destruction of habitats and soil, and of saving species from extinction.

Please help us to understand your world more - to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Encourage us to make wildlife conservation areas in our churchyards, gardens, parks and farms and to take part in local nature surveys.

Help us to support wildlife conservation charities with our money and our words.

May we never forget that we are stewards of your creation and that we hold it in trust for future generations.


Download prayer posters CEL has produced three prayer posters to display in churches. now updated to say one fifth of plants are under threat of extinction

1. Elephant

i) doc file - ii)pdf file - (these can be printed as A3 or A4 ) iii)pdf file in two halves (join prints together to make A3)

2. Zebra - i) doc file - ii)pdf file

3. Gannet i) doc file - ii)pdf file

Since this press release was released on 24 Sept, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens have announced (on 29 Sept 2010) that one fifth (rather than one eighth) of the world's plants are under threat of extinction. Our original press release quoted one eighth. This shows the seriousness of the situation.



Lower down, four examples of CEL members and churches upcoming biodiversity events are given.


In a pre-Nagoya meeting on 22 Sept UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon stressed that A rescue package similar to that introduced after the global financial crisis is urgently needed to halt the worldwide loss of biodiversity, which is resulting in a heavy human cost.

"We are bankrupting our natural economy," he said.
"All over the world, ecosystem services are a massive undervalued
subsidy provided by the environment."

Representatives from countries round the world will be discussing new
targets for managing biodiversity and their decisions will have a huge
influence on the Earth's biodiversity for years to come.

CEL urges churches to find out about Nagoya by joining in the Big Nature
including the discussion on 7th October. It urges churches
to encourage their congregations to become engaged by talking about Nature
Conservation, by taking part in surveys, by conserving parts of our
churchyards, farms or gardens for wildlife and by financially giving to
wildlife charities.

Biodiversity is the diversity of genes, species and ecosystems and it is
being threatened on many fronts
. One quarter the worlds mammals are under
threat of extinction as are one fifth of the world's plants. Overfishing
and destruction of the sea-beds means fish are not reproducing. Lack of
bees mean that plants are not getting pollinated. Soil around the world is
being eroded 10 to 40 times faster than it is being replenished.


Christian Ecology Link members are working in their local churches to
raise awareness of the need, and the responsibility Christians have, for
biodiversity protection.

Judith Allinson along with a group in Settle Methodist Church (North
and now Settle Churches Together is raising money for three habitat
conservation charities. A display in their church hall keeps the issue
alive for hall visitors.

Judith says
"Christians have sometimes tithed their money and
given 1/10th to the church. Should we also consider giving one tenth
of our money to conservation charities to protect habitats for
future generations?"

On the 3rd of October Ruth Jarman's church, St. John's Hartley Wintney,
Hampshire, is holding two "What a Wildly Wonderful World" services at 9am
(traditional) and 10-45am (all age) using A Rocha's Environment Sunday
resource pack.
Families will be making an "bug hotel" out of recycled
containers in the afternoon to encourage biodiversity around the church.
St. John's is working towards the Silver Award of the Diocese of
Winchester's Environmental Award Scheme

Clare Hyde has written useful children's service material on endangered
animals used with young people at Hurst Green Church in Lancashire

Many CEL members are taking part in "Gardening in Gethsemane - being
with nature on the way to resurrection", a retreat focusing on biodiversty
at Ringsfield Hall Christian Study Centre, Beccles, Suffolk, 15-17 October

Bethesda Methodist Church in Cheltenham recieve their 3rd EcocOngregation Award on 10:10:10


Information as provided on the Nagoya poster:-

Biodiversity and Nagoya


Biodiversity is - The variety of life - The variety of genes, species and ecosystems. Biodiversity is being destroyed.

Ecosystem services are essential for human well-being and survival.

The Conference in Nagoya , Japan 18-29 October will make (another) treaty to try and protect biodiversity. It is vital the treaty succeeds.

Nagoya 's COP10 conference will decide (or not) a 10-year global biodiversity treaty to protect critical ecosystems and indigenous peoples everywhere. 18-29 Oct 2010, Nagoya , Japan

The Convention on Biological Diversity has 193 signatory parties (192 countries and the EU). The USA has signed but not ratified the treaty. It was first opened for signatures at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

In 2002, governments adopted the goal of significantly reducing the global rate of biodiversity loss by 2010. All countries have failed. - An NGO Wake-up Call for All Life on earth - this readable website for campaigners shows why it is vital we save biodiversity. It explains why many big organisations will try and dilute aspects of the treaty

2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity report (TEEB) - See this report online - it show the great money value of ecosystems.- It will be presented at COP10 Explanation of COP10; and discusses why people are ignoring biodiversity loss. The Convention on Biological Diversity Website

On 22 Sept 2010 there was a UN conference at New York as a lead up to Nagoya . 140 heads of state and government were attending. Whilst some analyses suggest a 10-fold increase in spending from rich governments is needed to halt the global decline in biodiversity, Dr Mittermeier, president of Conservation International, said the true figure could be closer to 50-fold.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said "Biological diversity underpins the functioning and the provision of ecosystem services essential for human well-being .. The maintenance and restoration of natural infrastructure can provide economic gains worth trillions of dollars a year" These sums are far greater than the money involved in the banking crisis two years ago. He said: "A rescue package similar to that introduced after the global financial crisis is urgently needed to halt the worldwide loss of biodiversity, which is resulting in a heavy human cost." "We are bankrupting our natural economy,"


African elephant at sunset, Amboseli , Kenya © Mark Boulton

Burchell's zebra at sunset, Amboseli , Kenya © Mark Boulton

Gannet in flight, Bass Rock, UK © Mark Boulton

Resources: - The Big Nature
Debate - Take part. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
Worship material on biodiversity Page based on CEL Patron
Sean McDonagh's book "The Death of Life" on species extinctions. for people who want
to take part in a survey to monitor local biodiversity, lists small things that
we can all do to encourage biodiversity. has a searchable online
database of all events being held across the UK by the 450 IYB-UK
partners. Convention on biological diversity website
(including song)




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