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Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you

The Earth is Great in 2008.. May CEL Members and Friends in their churches, communities, counties and countries share with others their appreciation of God's gift to us of this world and all its nature.

and thus encourage people to become active in conserving the wonderful world and biodiversity that God has given us.

Orang-Utans could be extinct in the wild within ten years at present rates of forest destruction
Fish Stocks are plummeting - Often the only parts of the seabed not damaged by trawl nets are parts near oil rigs.

Ten new year resolutions for 2008

Well - I'm still writing them - Any suggestions?(
Meanwhile see resolutions below for 2007


Pray more Join CEL's Community of Prayer and Subscribe to CEL's monthly/daily prayer guide
  Join Weight Watchers

- You will learn how to eat less and exercise more.

And if we eat less we will be having less impact on the environment!!

(There is web editor bias in this posting - and don't join if you are under weight - and there is lots of stuff on the web against dieting - e.g. most people just put on even more weight afterwards)


Make a foldable leaflet display holder

or buy a very cheap counter display stand

- and display some CEL leaflets in your church

Earthcare bagdisplay some of CEL's leaflets at your church?

  Education Sunday

Get your church to do something about the environment for Education Sunday on 20 January





  Send in a tenth suggestion..

Your suggestion ----------------------------------------------

Send your ideas to

Your suggestions:

1. You invited people to send in a tenth 2007 new year resolution - here's mine: have a more active involvement in animal welfare issues (especially the tough ones). J. W. 29/12/2006



Ten new year resolutions for 2007


Pray more Can't go wrong on this suggestion...
  Exercise more, especially in the open air

a) It gets the blood moving round the body.

You will feel better afterwards and do your work, whatever it is, more effectively. Health books recommend 1/2 hour vigorous excercise (e.g. very brisk walk) at least three times a week - but why not every day?

b) Seeing the birds and the trees, and if in a city, the weeds and mosses in the cracks between city paving stones, and the open sky, brings you closer to nature.

  Change to a Green Electricity supplier

Two suppliers which Operation Noah recommends are Good Energy on 0845 456 1640 and Green Energy on 0845 456 9550. If you use etiher of those please tell them that you heard about them through Operation Noah because then Operation Noah will get £7-00 commission from these companies. Another firm "Ecotricity" provides "green energy"

Visit carbon footprint and you'll see why. uswitch helps you switch

  Join a Speakers Club for public and private speaking and confidence

Speakers clubs are for ordinary people - like you.

  1. Wedding Speeches
  2. Reading the Psalms at church
  3. Chairing a committee meeting
  4. Raising a point at a meeting
  5. Becoming less shy in ordinary conversations
  6. Patter for introducing a song that you are going to sing/play.
  7. Explaining to people why climate change or species extinctions are important.
  8. Gain confidence generally

You may be shy and think "I am too shy to speak so I don't need to go to a speaker's club" - WRONG - Speakers Club is for you - the other people there are very encouraging

You may think "I have done lots of public speaking, I am already very good" - WRONG - other members will be able to point out (politely) quirks that you had not noticed, as well as highlighting the good points. e.g.

If you are a young person -JOIN now - the skills you learn will last a lifetime

If you are old - you still have some life left - and you'll have lots of fun at the meetings

  Learn how to identify a wildlife group - birds - ladybirds - flowers - mosses -

There are fewer good field naturalists around nowadays than fifty years ago. Many children and grownups cannot identify even the commonest of plants - So with just a little effort you can learn some and then know more than most people in Britain!!!!

Look out for the harlequin ladybird which is spreading throughout Britain and send in your records.

Join your local Wildlife Trust. Or attend a beginners course at one of the fourteen centres of the Field Sudies Council

And PLEASE give every support you can to young people in your church and newly retired people who are interested in some plant or animal group.

  Set up an Ecoteam with six friends or neighbours See Ecoteams EcoTeams are small groups of six to eight people who each represent their household. The EcoTeam meets once a month for approximately 4 months. At each meeting EcoTeam representatives share experiences, ideas and achievements on the environmental actions that they have taken.
  At hotels, conference centres, restaurants etc ask for LOAF food (Locally produced, Organically grown, Animal Friendly, Fairly Traded)

There is usually a box for "dietry requirements on booking forms". Don't be overpolite and a wimp by not stating your preferences. Be bold and polite and show there is a demand for such food.

It is more expensive and a hassle for Caterers to supply such food - but it is our responsibility to show them that there is a demand.

  Get ideas from tips at to run your local CEL group (or life) more effectively
  Subscribe to CEL News emails to
  Send in a tenth suggestion..

Your suggestion ----------------------------------------------

Send your ideas to

Your suggestions:

1. You invited people to send in a tenth 2007 new year resolution - here's mine: have a more active involvement in animal welfare issues (especially the tough ones). J. W. 29/12/2006



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