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CEL home > Resources > Prayer Guide index to months > April 2010

April 2010

Pulsatilla vulgaris at Kew Gardens

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“God saw everything that he had made, and indeed it was very good.” (Genesis 1.31)

“The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving towards all he has made . . . . The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time. You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.” (Psalm 145. 13-16)

“If the creation is the work of love, then its shape cannot be predetermined by the Creator, nor its triumph foreknown. All faith in its triumph is neither more nor less than faith in the Creator Himself – faith that He will not cease from His handiwork nor abandon the object of his love.” (W.H. Vanstone)


Thursday 1st April.

“Our myths tell us that humans are the point and purpose of the planet and that ‘humanity' is separate from something called Nature, which is a resource for our use. They tell us that there are no limits to human abilities, and that technology, science and ineffable wisdom can fix everything. Above all, they tell us about human centrality and that we are in control. But they're wrong. They're just myths.” (Nick Reeves, CEO of CIWEM)

Christians however do not need myths, for we live in hope that, in the words of St. Paul , “the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and will obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.” (Romans 8.21)


Friday 2nd April. Good Friday

Lord Jesus, let us be with you, wherever you are crucified today,

Wherever the will of man crosses the will of God,

Wherever the will to violence crosses God's will for peace,

Wherever lying and corruption cross God's will for truth,

Wherever greed and possessiveness cross the use of God's plenty,

Wherever we live not for others but for ourselves,

Wherever ugliness and disease cross the will of God for beauty and well-being.

There let us find you, be with you and share your pain, and help to bring about that redemption which, by your sacrifice, you have accomplished. (Margaret Cropper)


Saturday 3rd April

Heavenly Father, sometimes we are discouraged, believing that nothing good can ever be achieved. Sometimes we are proud, believing that only we are capable of doing what should be done.

Fill us with humble grace to do whatever you ask us to do, secure in the hope that your spirit is alive and active in the world today.


Sunday 4th April. Easter Day.

Heavenly Father, Creator of all life,

We praise and bless you that you sent your Son to die for us on the Cross and by his resurrection to destroy the power of death and to win for us the hope of everlasting life. Help us to go forward in the confidence that all your creation will be redeemed from the bondage of decay and, with us, will obtain the joy of true freedom. Amen.


Monday 5th April

“The line on graphs showing population growth, CO 2 concentrations, water use, deforestation, loss of species and exploitation of fisheries, all point the same picture – a rapacious human economy that is bringing the world swiftly to a state of chaos. Yet too many of us still believe the myth that we will be able to continue living more or less the same comfortable lives if we only embrace ‘sustainable development' and green technology, and then extend it to the 3 billion people who will soon join us on this beleaguered planet.” (Nick Reeves)


Tuesday 6th April

“Attempts, so far, to tackle climate change have been too little, too late, and negotiations too protracted. Action to deal with population growth and consumption, which are the underlying causes of all our environmental problems, has been non-existent because we've barely begun the discussion. Craven politicians continue to regard people as economic units, contributing to GDP . The answer is not technofix solutions but to prepare for the move to a new era that will require a huge cultural shift and innovative thinking.

(Nick Reeves)


Wednesday 7th April

Mohammad Naseed, president of the Maldives , has spoken of the likely disappearance of his nation if temperatures rise by 2oC. “We want to focus less on our plight and more on our potential. We want to do what is best for the planet and best for our economic self-interest. This is why we have announced plans to become carbon neutral in 10 years. We will switch from oil to 100% renewable energy, and we will offset aviation pollution until a way can be found to decarbonise air transport. If vulnerable developing countries make a commitment to carbon neutrality, those opposed to change have nowhere to hide. If those with the least start doing the most, what excuse can the rich have for continuing inaction?”


Thursday 8th April

The Eden Project has become a partner of the Maldives in its mission to create the world's first carbon neutral country. Tim Smit said: “We will be working to help communities master the problem of waste and so protect the coral reefs, and encourage the growing of food with revolutionary approaches to greenhouse design using salt water evaporation. We will work with others to create smart renewable energy systems. All this can be done and more.”


Friday 9th April

Each week 1.58 million extra people are added to the global population and the world total is expected to reach 9.15 billion by 2050 – an increase equivalent to the entire world population in 1950. According to the UN Population Division, some 200 million women worldwide want but lack contraception and education. Jonathon Porritt underlines what needs to be done:

•  Increased funding for girls' education

•  Improved reproductive and other health interventions for women

•  Assured access for women to a choice of reliable and cheap (preferable free) contraceptives.

“The lives of countless women are devastated by their inability to manage their own fertility, and hundreds of thousands die every year because of illegal abortions or complications from unwanted pregnancies. But their voices go unheard. Every one of our environmental problems is exacerbated by population growth, and the massive challenge of achieving an 80% cut in greenhouse gases by 2050 is rendered fantastical by the prospective arrival of another 2.5 billion people over the next 40 years.”


Saturday 10th April

The Chartered Institute of Water & Environmental Management (CIWEM) has published a manifesto for legislators and decision-makers, identifying 5 key areas where urgent action is needed over the next 5 years. The Low Carbon section includes:

•  Fast-tracking offshore wind, wave and tidal energy production

•  Educational and citizenship programmes on the environment for the entire population

•  Mainstreaming of low carbon concepts within all tiers of government

•  Strengthening of food security.



Sunday 11th April

Lord, for too long we have stood by while our money is used to harm the world you created. Give us the will and the determination to put our money where our faith prompts us and to encourage our fellow-Christians to do likewise.




Monday 12th April

The Buildings section of the CIWEM manifesto includes the following:

•  Eco-towns to be refocused on the application of the highest building standards and sustainable design in existing towns and cities

•  A national programme of retrofitting energy and water-saving technologies

•  Improved environmental standards for all types of building <