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Plastic is drastic


Plastic bags, plastic bags, we find them everywhere:
Bobbing round like broken kites high into the air;

Blown into our hedgerows, impaled upon our trees;
Drifting round deserted towns in ghostly twos or threes;

From rivers and from oceans they're washed upon the shore
Affecting fish and wildlife - yet still we ask for more.

They're free and they're convenient to carry shopping home
So who would want to make the change to leave the compfort zone?

But why must we use so many when we shop?
We've got to make those dreadful killer greenhouse gasses drop.

Plastic is drastic; it doesn't biodegrade.
Fabric is fantastic - and it's easily made.

Seventeen billion plastic bags; our usage in ONE year
And who will pay? The children of the future - that is clear.

So come on shopper! Just try saying "NO" when at the till
"I've brought my eco-friendly bags, so how much off the bill?


Gill McDonnell - May 2006


Poem about recycling.

This poem has been used at Gill's Church at Hurst Geen near Clitheroe.

You can use this poem provided you credit the author.

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