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CHRISTIAN ECOLOGY LINK PRESS RELEASE                         25 April 2010

Climate Vigil Prayers

1.   Christian Ecology Link, the Campaign against Climate Change, and other members of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition are holding an overnight vigil between Saturday 15th May 2010 and Sunday 16 May 2010, celebrating the Earth in the Arts, and reminding the newly-formed British Government to act decisively and urgently on Climate Change.

2.   As part of the Climate Vigil, Christian Ecology Link, with the support of Operation Noah, is offering an ecumenical service at St Martin-in-the-Fields Church, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ, on Saturday 15th May 2010 at 11pm (23:00), to which all are welcome :-

3.   Mark Dowd of Operation Noah, Channel 4 "God is Green" documentary presenter, will address those meeting at St-Martins-in-the-Fields Church, on the subject of the crisis in Climate Change, the damages the World is already experiencing, the failures in the international negotiations, and hopes for what the new British Government can bring.

4.   While the church service is taking place, vigil supporters will be gathering with lit candles and torches in Trafalgar Square.

5.   At midnight, there will be a candlelit procession to Old Palace Yard, outside the Houses of Parliament, opposite the Palace of Westminster, where the vigil will be welcomed by music, ancient, modern and global, and artistic displays and presentations, and where speeches will be made, by Climate Change scientists and activists.

6.   Throughout the night, Christian Ecology Link will be hosting a space for prayers, quiet music, meditation and reflection at the Lambeth Methodist Mission, 3 – 5 Lambeth Road, London, SE1 7DQ, where tea and coffee will be served.

7.   There will be a full programme of arts and music activities during the night, at Old Palace Yard and St Jude's Community Centre, St Georges Road, London SE1 6EZ, where the Brixton Tea Party will provide refreshments, and breakfast.

8.   Classical musicians and singers wishing to take part in the church service, or perform at either of the overnight venues, should contact Ruth Jarman of Christian Ecology Link on 07970 907784 or at

9.   Ruth Jarman of Christian Ecology Link said:

"The Climate Vigil aims simply to keep the truth alive. Governments lost the plot at last year's Copenhagen summit, and sceptics have been getting all the airtime recently with some feeble assertions.  From the General Election campaign you'd think that the problem of dangerous Climate Change had gone away. But it hasn't.  It's vital to remember the truth, that we're still in trouble.  We need prayer and prophecy, creativity and campaigning. On 15th May we will be coming together, Christian or not, because we need each other, and Government needs us too."


NOTES from Christian Ecology Link

The Climate Vigil will be promoted with this call :-

"Light a candle for science, reason and truth; for action to deal with
the climate emergency; for creation, climate justice and the world's
poorest; for the young and future generations; for positive solutions;
climate jobs, green energy and a Zero Carbon Britain. Let the new
Government know that you care."


NOTES from Campaign against Climate Change



Light a candle for scientific realism and rationality against the
populist tide of ignorance.

Remind the new Government that dealing with the climate crisis needs
to be their top priority.

The Campaign against Climate Change and Christian Ecology Link have
organised an Art and Empowerment Event that will fill the hours
between 11pm and 5am, overnight 15 to 16th May.

This unusual event combines protest, art, discussion and live music
outside the Palace of Westminster, the seat of government, just after
the General Election.

We have use of St Jude's Community Centre, St Georges Road, London SE1
6EZ where Brixton Tea Party will provide refreshments.

We also have use of Lambeth Methodist Mission, 3 – 5 Lambeth Road,
London, SE1 7DQ, which will be available for quiet reflection and
meditation organised by Christian Ecology Link, and tea/coffee
throughout the night.

There will an exhibition of work by the artist Marisa Rehana Mann and
of subverted airline adverts by the activist group Plane Stupid at St
Jude’s Community Centre.

The event will culminate in a new composition for brass ensemble
calling for a Low Carbon Dawn.

Breakfast will then be provided for a small cost at St Jude’s by The
Brixton Tea Party.

We ask anyone who is concerned about climate change to come along and
call on the new Government to declare a Climate Emergency.

12:30 People will be welcomed to the vigil and our packed timetable of
events will start.


Artist and activist Tim Padmore will create "The History of the
Planet", as a time-line from Lambeth Bridge roundabout to the Lambeth
Methodist Mission. This event will be running throughout the night.


Kofi Annan said that one person dies, on average, every 1 minute 45
seconds as a result of climate change. Participants and passers by
will be asked to stand on a plinth for this time. They will be given a
choice of placards to hold up and will be asked if they want their
photograph taken. A drumbeat will mark each 1 minute 45 seconds. Piece
by Tim Padmore. This event will be running throughout the night.

Reference for Kofi Annan's words :-


People will be invited to write Haikus, a Japanese form of poetry, on
the subject of "Nightmares and Dreams", about climate change. These
will be given to the new Prime Minister later in the week as an
artistic petition calling for drastic action on climate change. This
is another piece by Tim Padmore. This event will be running throughout
the night.


Climate Activist and community artist Jonathan Whittaker will be
asking people to make a cloth mural on various themes around climate
change throughout the night. The finished mural will be used to
communicate the need to declare a Climate Emergency to the new
government in a way that is yet to be decided. This event will be
running throughout the night.

12:30 - 1am Speeches - We plan having half an hour of speeches from
climate change specialists and activists from the UK.

1am - Join The Mutiny - We are proud to be working with MUTINY, an
exciting group who design carnivalesque events providing live
entertainment and meaningful debates. They will be running a lively
debate on the issues of the day.

2am - Poetry Time

We have featured performances from:

Helen Moore, a professional eco-poet and 8th Bard of Bath. She says,
“I have a passion for Nature and for spiritual ecology as a means for
shaping a healthier and fairer world – my approach might be
characterised ‘Art for Earth's Sake’”. Helen has performed at the 2005
Schumacher Lectures and alongside the American ecologist and activist,
Joanna Macy.

Niall McDevitt was winner of The Verb’s Urban Poetry Contest 2005 (BBC
Radio 3) and was John Peel’s pidgin translator on Home Truths. He is
an expert on the work of William Blake. McDevitt has campaigned to
secure the future of the Rimbaud/Verlaine House at 8 Royal College
Street, and for the release of poet Saw Wai from Insein prison in

We also an open mic session for new and experienced poets.

3am – Ritual of Despair and Empowerment

Climate Activist and Artist John Hoggett has been researching the work
of eco-psychologist Joanna Macy in the last few years. He has prepared
a ritual that uses some simple ideas from Macy's work to enable us to
reflect on and discuss ideas around climate change that may hold us
back from taking effective action. A bold but simple event that
everyone can take part in.

4am - Climate Change - Pub Style Quiz

Jonathan Whittaker, Campaign Against Climate Change Steering Group
member, will be leading a Climate Change Pub Style Quiz. Find some
friends, form a team and see if you win the prize!

Alternatively - 4am Non-Violent Direct Action – an introduction

The campaign group Plane Stupid are running an introduction to Non
Violent Direct Action. These political pranksters who have climbed on
the roof of parliament, dropped banners at airports and invaded
industry conferences – all in a delightfully peaceful and amusing
manner, offer you a basic introduction to this kind of protesting.

4:45-5:15am - Low Carbon Dawn

Letty Stott of the Guildhall School of Music has created an
inspirational Call to Action featuring an Alphorn calling along a
chain of brass players to call for a Low Carbon Dawn. This fabulous
sound, echoing off the Palace of Westminster will mark an end to our
amazing and original festival of art and empowerment which we hope
will leave you all inspired in the fight against climate change.

We will then process to breakfast at St Jude’s prepared by the Brixton
Tea Party.

In between these fabulous and inspiring events will be a full
programme of varied live music.

We still have room for more events and musicians. So if you want to
perform or contribute please get in contact with the events
coordinator John Hoggett :



Jo Abbess,
Local Call Rate : 0845 45 98 46 0
Mobile : 077 17 22 13 96
e-mail :





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