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Community of Prayer
European Christian Environment Network Invitation to Prayer

MONDAY PRAYER - Invitation to Prayer - for every Monday throughout the year

The Conciliar Process for JUSTICE, PEACE AND THE INTEGRITY OF CREATION has significantly influenced UNCED 1992 in Rio and thus lives on in that way even though unrecognised. Much too little lives on in our churches.

One third of the global human population are members of Christian churches - what could they move if they were to realize it and took their responsibility for creation seriously!

We are concerned, but not without hope!

Like at the beginning of our initiative (The European Christian Environment Network Creation-Time initiative) so now again do we invite to a regular MONDAY PRAYER: Every Monday Morning between 6 and 8 a.m.

Every one in the place where she or he is.

Our Prayer Intention:
"Conversion" away from self-destructive processes and indifference/apathy toward "Responsibility for Creation".
We know about the needs of many a people working in citizens' initiatives and in the church's environmental work; and we pray for them, as we pray for the authorities in church, politics, business and science.

Prayer Recommendation:
For the next days of prayer we propose Psalm 119 and look forward to the communion in prayer and action.

"Your commandments are forever just:
Give me discernment, that I may live by them."

Ps. 119:144

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