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Community of Prayer
Book Review:   No Extraordinary Power: Prayer, stillness and activism

Book Review:
Write up from 21st Oct 2005 Church Times…..

No Extraordinary Power: Prayer, stillness and activism
Helen Steven
Quaker Books £9 (0-85245-379-5)

Helen Steven addresses the more spiritual aspects of campaigning. Drawing on her experience as a peace campaigner (which includes several stays in prison), she offers a fascinating insight into her life's work, and her parallel spiritual journey.

What, she asks, is going on during a peace demonstration outside a nuclear base? Is this prayer in itself? Where does prayer begin and end, and what part does prayer play in campaigning? She explores these and other issues, all in an open and inclusive way. Best of all, perhaps, she concludes with a heartening list of ten tips for practical prayer, starting with "relax about it and don't worry," and ending with "above all, enjoy yourself."

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