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CEL home > Links + Internat > 10 January 2008

CEL delivers symbols to 10 Downing Street - in response to plans for new nuclear build

(See press release on 10 Jan 2008)

We three from Christian Ecology Link journeyed to 10 Downing Street today bearing gifts symbolic of what is available now to our country that is not only a cheaper, safer and more immediate solution but is also a more effective and more visionary alternative to the nuclear future that has been announced today.

The first gift was CEL’s briefing on energy “Faith and Power” and George Marshall’s book “Carbon De-Tox” symbolising the serious reduction in energy use we have available to us. The second was a piece of home insulation, symbolising energy efficiency, and the third was a solar-powered light, representative of the opportunity for a vast escalation in government investment in renewables to a level that will not only fulfil our nation’s duty to the earth in terms of climate change, but will also lead the world towards a truly sustainable way of living.

We believe that nuclear power is the answer only if we are asking the wrong question. The question the government is asking is how best it can maintain the lie that unlimited economic growth is feasible and desirable on a limited planet. Nuclear power may help this make-believe to be sustained for a few more decades. But Christian Ecology Link believes the question we should be asking is how best should we be living with justice, joy and humility on the one planet we have available to us. The answer to this question is in a low energy, low carbon and renewably powered economy.

Ruth Jarman
Eleanor Orr
Jonathan Essex

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