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CHRISTIAN ECOLOGY LINK Synod briefing for Environment Motion

  14 th February 2005 

Christian Ecology Link welcomes the decision by Synod to host a debate on the environment. This is long overdue and it is to be hoped that, following this debate, caring for creation will become a higher priority for members of the Church of England.

In a special briefing to Synod members, CEL proposes that diocesan and deanery synods should play a greater role in seeking to reduce the environmental impact of Church members. Whereas the Synod motion merely requires the Mission and Public Affairs Council to review progress in 2008, CEL suggests that diocesan and deanery synods should monitor progress annually at a local level.

CEL's briefing also urges Synod members to recognise the need for urgent and far reaching changes in personal lifestyle in order to share resources fairly, and invites them to advise the Government to be bolder in promoting such change.

CEL Chairman Dr Tim Cooper said

"We welcome this week's debate, but on such occasions there is always a risk that much will be said but little done in practice. Certainly it is time that the Church gave a clear lead in denouncing the consumerism that is responsible for environmental degradation and the threat of climate change. If, however, we advocate dramatic and urgent change in lifestyles to society at large the Church must do so with integrity. This demands that we must regularly audit our own environmental impacts."

CEL's briefing paper to Synod can be found on CEL's website For more information contact Paul Bodenham, Co-ordinator of Operation Noah, the churches climate change campaign on 01949 861516.-


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