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Church of England
Environment Motion

The Motion that was passed at Synod on 17 February. (This version includes the amendments made at Synod)

This passage is reproduced (with permission) from the C of E Website
That this synod: 

(a) commend Sharing God's Planet as a contribution to Christian thinking and action on environmental issues;

(b) challenge itself and all members of the Church of England to make care for creation, and repentance for its exploitation, fundamental to their faith, practice, and mission;

(c) lead by example by promoting study on the scale and nature of lifestyle change necessary to achieve sustainability, and initiatives encouraging immediate action towards attaining it;

(d) encourage parishes, diocesan and national Church organizations to carry out environmental audits and adopt specific and targeted measures to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources and ask the Mission and Public Affairs Council to report on outcomes achieved to the July 2008 group of sessions;

(e) welcome Her Majesty's Government's prioritising of climate change in its chairing of the G8 and its forthcoming presidency of the European Union;

(f) urge Her Majesty's Government to provide sustained and adequate funding for research into, and development of, environmentally friendly sources of energy; and

(g) in order to promote responsible use of God's created resources and to reduce and stabilise global warming, commend to

(i) the consumers of material and energy, the approach of 'contraction and convergence'; and to

(ii) the producers of material and energy systems, safe, secure and sustainable products and processes based on near-zero-carbon-emitting sources.'

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