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Storm of Hope Conference - CEL 25 Years Young. - held at All Hallows by the Tower Church next to the Tower of London 7 July 2007
Photographed by (c) Judith Allinson (except where otherwise stated)

Two participants look at CEL's Storm of Hope leaflet launched that day

Photo by M Goss - poster on railings outside church

Please note this page is still being written. If you attended the conference and have suggestions about what should be added, do email them in.


The event starts (after coffee and chat) with a Panel of Speakers.

seen here in the church garden withTim Cooper (CEL Chairman) on the left.

See programme for details

And finishes with a toast to the next 25 years of CEL DSCN2043


The next slides show some of the workshops

Ann Pettifor (right, with white blouse) leads the workshop on Operation Noah.

She announces the launch of the new Operation Noah Website

See part of her talk on Operation Noah


Sarah de Nordwall (seen here as a dynamic blur) leads a workshop on being a bard and writing poetry. This was held poetically down in the ancient historic crypt.

She wrote two poems for the Event.

Another view of the poetry goup. DSCN2000
Paul Bodenham (pink shirt) leads a workshop on giving talks and writing. - The newspaper is a sunshade -- See the Tower of London behind. DSCN2033

John Vivian leads a workshop on Local Groups. we discuss topics from working with the Muslim Group IFEES and other "Abrahamic Groups" to encouraging people in our churches to form a group and to point out to stores and offices that they can save money by switching off lights..


The Ecoteam Workgroup is appropriately set in the kitchen. DSCN2021
Mary Grey (pink top) leads a workshop on Theology DSCN2006

Dave Bookless tells us about A Rocha.

His intriductory 5 minutes talk for CEL involved

Hard questions
Humble partnerships
Hopeful action

Jo Rathbone (centre) seen here discussing posters, later runs a workshop on EcoCongregation DSCN1959



Andy Ensor and Hayley treat us to Scottish and Irish music over the luch hour. DSCN1994
..while others listen in the sun DSCN1988
Caption to be added... DSCN1961
Three tigers.. DSCN1962
There is good opportunity for networking - here at the Local Groups Stand. See the new navy blue CEL leaflets DSCN1963
Paul Bodenham of Operation Noah, Laura Deacon - CEL Information Officer - and George Dent, former CEL Information Officer at the registration table DSCN1964
More networking DSCN1965
Meanwhile -- a view of the otutside of the church - -part of the Tour de France pageant going past DSCN1978
More Tour de France floats whiz past DSCN1977
Discussion DSCN2036
Chris Walton - full of gestures here, later described how children who come to his field centre have appreciated seeing the stars and milky way at night. DSCN1987
Ellen Teague (left) of Justice and Peace - will be the guest speaker at the conference on November 3rd in Lancaster which will be the occasion of CEL's Annual Members Meeting. DSCN1991
Susy Brouard of CAFOD runs the Live Simply Stand - would you like a t-shirt. could you make a Pledge? DSCN1993
Jonathan Essex talks to Ann Pettifor DSCN2019



CEL adopted four phrases in their vision statement - and four corners were set up in the church for people to respond to these phrases

  1. Letting loose hope,
  2. Pioneering practical discipleship
  3. Equipping prophetic witness
  4. Empowering agents of change
1) Letting Loose Hope - Pictures showing what churches and groups have done to care for the environment DSCN2026

2) Pioneering Practical discipleship

A list of ideas were written on a "wall":

Ideas wall comments

  Please consider adding a vegetarian option to your message.

How does Christian spirituality address the environmental needs of the world better than other spiritualities especially New Age spirituality?

"Without prayer you can do nothing" May we preface every meeting with prayer!

Travel choices

Make you church a "beacon on the hill" - providing moral and environmental leadership and good practice in your community

Rock Dust

Incorporate study of Teilhard de Chardin and his news et Christo genesis

Spread the good ideas

Wildlife and biodiversity

Let's engage people from all age groups - where are the young people today?

Work closely with ECCR and similar bodies (Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility)

Equality to both wildlife and farming - one cannot exist without the other. Animals need man and vice versa. How can we improve and ensure its continuance?

CEL to respond to Soil Association consultation on food miles using LOAF as proposed framework.

Expounding how a simple life benefits individual and societal happiness/well being

Livestock farming is a greater cause of global warming than transport

What is a Christian lifestyle?

How to involve Christians who feel displaced (disempowered) by poverty, unemployment etc?

Empowering agents of change DSCN2027
People were asked to place a stone in a spiral growing from the logo used for Storm of Hope. One person added some rock dust. DSCN2028
Here is the spiral without the rock dust. Part of the service involved a liturgy about living stones. DSCN2031

Equipping Prophetic Witness

(see also Mary Grey's ten points about propheticwitness)

Paul Bodenham proposes a toast to the next 25 Years of CEL DSCN2047
And it's time to set off for home. One member at least has come by bike (and train) DSCN2048
Andy and Hayley play us out DSCN2039-Andy-and-Hayley

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