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Stop Airport Expansion Protest.

Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport 27 March 2008

Ruth Jarman (second from left) writes:

I think I speak for us all to say that we were very happy and honoured to to be part of the action. John Davis' idea to read a Church of England Litany was fantastic. Half a dozen of us knelt down on the floor and prayed a long Litany, Jo leading and the rest of us responding. We meant every word, we prayed every word, it felt terribly powerful.

The only disappointing thing was the number of people - there were hundreds there, not thousands, not 10 thousand, not a hundred thousand. T5 is such a potent symbol of the denial, madness and evil endemic in our country that we should even consider expansion of airports when they must be closed one by one for there to be hope of abundant life on this planet by the end of this century.....the next Heathrow thing is May 31st...let's pray for a big turn out.

Twelve CEL members were present, some of whom are seen below..

Some CEL members



CEL member Pippa Tennant


t5.htmClick for more pictures from a Non-CEL website



FROM "THE FLASHMOB":    SELECTED FILMS, PICS AND ARTICLES FEATURING THE FLASH MOB clip featuring interview with women from Sipson: go to and click on the link to 'Mob protests
airport expansion' just under the video box

Times Online film:

YouTube vid:

Associated Press pictures:

Getty Images pictures:

Greenpeace moblog:

Greenpeace Flickr page:

More Flickr pics:

Guardian on-line story:

Telegraph on-line story:

Daily Star piece:

MSN News UK:

Sky News:

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