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CEL home > Resources > Ten top Reasons July 2008

Top ten reasons to
invite your friends to ...
visit CEL's website

  1. A good example of a Christian Website urging Green Action

  2. Continuously updated list of Green Church events thoroughout UK (over 300 during the year)

  3. Daily prayer guide - meditations on green themes - put online each month

  4. Econotes - Green pointers for preachers based on the Sunday Lectionary Readings in the three year cycle.

  5. Green hymns and songs available for use

  6. LOAF -CEL's Food campain and other HARVEST resources - (Locally produced, organically grown, animal friendly, failry traded

  7. Invitation to receive CEL's monthly news emails

  8. Invitation to join CEL's Community of Prayer

  9. LOADS of RESOURCES e.g. CEL leaflets at PDF files

  10. LOADS of LINKS

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