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'Promises, Promises' on the theme of climate change, for One World Week. Panel: Adrian Toole (chairman), Tony Roper (CEL), Dan Gomm (North Herts Friends of the Earth), Jean Lambert (Green Party MEP). Contact: Secretary, Welwyn Hatfield One World Week Group

Promises, Promises

The Challenge for Change - Us or the Climate

Welwyn Hatfield One World Week Group- Sat 29 Oct

Tony Roper reports:

The evening was attended by approx 40 people and I was asked to speak on reasons why we should change the way we live and suggest some practical strategies. I followed Dan Gomm who dealt with various technical aspects and Jean Lambert, who spoke about the broader governmental, national and political aspects.

I found it interesting that we were meeting in St. Francis of Assisi' church. Jill Weston commenced the proceedings by reading one of his prayers.

I enjoyed the evening and we received a positive response. I was able to promote Operation Noah and had a nmber of good conversations with people at the conclusion of the evening.

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